Data analytics

The telecoms industry continues to be driven by the need for lower network costs while needing to develop ever more complex technology to meet end user needs. Testing as a critical part of networks needs to play its part on supporting networking trends.

Today, most test solutions use a physical test box in the field, in the lab or in the factory. In the future, sensor points embedded within networks and network equipment may be used to extract test data. Algorithms running on standard hardware are used to perform critical measurements that are today made on COTS equipment. Adding sensor points in networks also enables deeper insight into network performance, improving the ability to both manage and optimise the network.

The algorithms developed for the current AceAxis test and measurement portfolio are portable and designed to run on any hardware, so they offer the opportunity to support data analytics markets in the future.

Passive intermodulation (PIM)

Passive intermodulation is an increasingly serious problem for mobile base station receivers. AceAxis has developed a technique for the detection, monitoring and mitigation of PIM problems in the digital uplink path. A demonstration platform is available for trials with CPRI-based RAN equipment, where it can be inserted into the link between a radio baseband unit and an RRH. Read the press release.

We are licensing this technology and would be pleased to discuss this with companies interested in partnering with us. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help you to minimise the effects of PIM on your system performance.

Test and measurement

AceAxis has developed application-specific test instruments for validating radio performance in cellular infrastructure tests and for testing power amplifiers.

The AceAxis Advanced Radio Tester (ART) has been designed to meet the needs of manufacturing tests for cellular infrastructure, incorporating all the necessary RF and baseband functionality for fast, repeatable and traceable testing within a single 1U box. A range of supporting software enables rapid integration into the test environment. Read the press release.

The AceAxis Power Amplifier Tester (PAT) provides power amplifier designers and system integrators with the ability to validate the linearity of their transmitter subsystems to ensure that they meet the needs of today’s challenging radio protocols. PAT provides a modulated signal to the amplifier, then applies a range of linearisation methods, to find the optimum pre-distortion parameters to meet the system specification.

Radio technology

Building on a rich heritage of supplying radios to meet the needs of the communications industry, AceAxis offers customised development of RRHs to meet individual requirements for cellular, public safety and enterprise applications. Download the brochure.

AceAxis also forms partnership to provide reference designs and support for companies seeking to develop their own radio solutions.