AceAxis develops solutions for communications in and between vehicles on land, sea and in the air.
For details of our latest project with Thales using our generic remote radio head (RRH) design process to provide Internet connectivity for commercial aircraft passengers please click here to read the press release.


AceAxis develops radio solutions for 4G and 5G networks – enterprise, cellular, M2M, IoT – including smart cities, smart buildings, medical applications, and industrial control. We have developed and shipped radios that support high-volume applications– over 50,000 RRH units to one customer – as well as lower volume runs of tens to hundreds of units. LTE/4G radio is now a true commodity product, and AceAxis is able to support a wide variety of customers using highly advanced and optimised designs that meet today’s technical and commercials challenges.


Combining the robust high performance of conventional cellular technologies with a new breed of easy to deploy, cost effective and high-capacity systems, AceAxis and its partners can develop connectivity and coverage solutions to help expand business.

Public Safety

AceAxis radio solutions are already in use for PMR, emergency services, and critical communications. As the industry accelerates the transition from secure and robust legacy systems towards 4G and 5G systems, AceAxis continues to help its customers with field-proven, safety-critical designs that support the rapid evolution of technology in this field.