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About AceAxis

AceAxis creates IPR and technology to build, test and analyse the telecoms networks of the future. We were pioneers in the development of RRH and embedded t&m technology for the telecoms market. Today we are focused on new approaches to telecoms equipment, working with operators, infrastructure vendors and a variety of new customers to create innovative solutions for a range of applications. For instance,  these applications include 4g and 5G, the IoT, airborne telephony, smart vehicles, healthcare, and public safety communications. Our vision is to deliver 21st-century communications technology around the world by challenging the traditional constraints of cost and complexity.

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What is the cost of having PIM?

Companies lose thousands of dollars every year due to multiple reasons such as: building new cell sites, customer churn, tower climbs, and multiple visits to site.

PIMForensics helps locate Field PIM and will save you money due to a range of factors including: no tower climb, it is frequency agnostic, easy to set up and use, there is no down time, there are detailed reports, there is no need to build new sites, there is a long term monitoring option.

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PIMPoint is able to assist with locating PIM in the factory, PIMPoint simplifies PIM test and rework and has fault location intelligence built in. Additionally, there are feedback paths through data analytics for r&d and factories to reduce PIM by design and manufacture. Also, there is an 80% reduction in rework time for complex multi-port antennas, 85% accuracy of fault location on the first test and PIM location test is automatically configured and runs in 2 minutes.

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