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AceAxis is changing the way cell-site radio equipment is designed and tested with ground breaking technology, new products, partnerships and solutions with a focus on innovation, value, time to market and quality.

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Solutions for communications between vehicles on land, sea and in the air, including high speed rail, airborne and satellite systems, smart highways, and the Connected Car.

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Connectivity and coverage solutions to help improve productivity.

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Public safety

Solutions for PMR, emergency services and critical communications.

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Radio solutions for 4G and 5G networks and the IoT, including smart cities, smart buildings, medical applications, and industrial control.

With 4G and 5G and a plethora of unique and divergent service requirements testing has never been more complex. AceAxis can help, we have developed 4G and 5G radios specifically targeted at supporting network load testing, development and deployment of test/trial networks and test of radios in a factory or lab environment.

AceAxis’ PIM over CPRI product can accurately measure and locate PIM in live-cell sites using small portable test equipment (weighing less than one kilogram) that can be left at the cell site for long-term monitoring if needed.

Quickly and accurately locates PIM faults within the device under test (DUT), lowering the cost of repairs and providing high-quality fault information for process improvement purposes.

How can AceAxis help you?

  • You need wireless infrastructure, but cost and complexity is daunting
  • You’d prefer to be differentiating with software and services, but feel pressure to be involved in hardware
  • You need new solutions to test your networks and equipment, but the cost seems too high
  • You’d like to talk with people who make vision a reality, not place obstacles in your way 

How can we work together?

  • Licensing of innovative new technology and test features
  • Design and Co-development of products
  • Design to manufacture
  • Project partnerships

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