Corporate Responsibility


AceAxis is committed to working with its customers, partners, suppliers and staff to have a positive effect on society and the environment.

Among the ways we are doing this are by:

Environment and Sustainability

  • Taking an active approach to improving the sustainability of our business, in particular by encouraging recycling and minimising waste
  • Promoting the remote radio head concept, which is inherently a greener technology than traditional base station designs, helping to minimise the carbon footprint of mobile networks and also allowing off-grid operation that delivers communications services to communities in developing countries
  • Striving to include the most energy-efficient, future-proof, and recyclable components and materials in our technology
  • Designing for reusability and re-configurability so that flexible radio hardware can be upgraded rather than scrapped when new technologies or frequency bands are introduced

Staff and Community

  • Developing the skills of our staff through training, apprenticeships, student placements, encouraging membership of professional institutions, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Encouraging and supporting any staff who wish to become involved in volunteering or charitable activities in the community

Supply Chain

  • Treating our suppliers with respect, especially SMEs and sole proprietors who rely on our prompt payment of invoices
  • Sourcing locally whenever possible, and striving to build a supply chain ecosystem that shares our goals and values.
  • Working with our suppliers in a flexible way to ensure that they achieve our quality goals