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The AceAxis PIM Analyser is a bench tester with unique capabilities offering class-leading performance and size for a multi-band PIM test solution.

AceAxis offers two software options within PIMPoint™:

1- PIM Location:

Quickly and accurately locates PIM faults within antennas using an entirely new and patented method*. This lowers the cost of rework and provides high-quality fault information that can drive process improvement.

2- Multi-band/Multi-Port Antenna Test:

Scalable solution accelerates test time by allowing all bands in a multi-band/multi-port antenna to be evaluated in a single test sequence.  This increases throughput, lowers costs and also provides new measurement capabilities such as crossband PIM.

* The AceAxis location technology is capable of locating multiple faults down to component level within the antenna’s internal feed network. It is entirely distinct from coarse distance to PIM tests used at cell-sites.

PIMPoint simplifies PIM test and rework with fault location intelligence built in.

There is improved product quality with reduced handling and rework cycles.

Feedback paths through data analytics for r&d and factories to reduce PIM by design and manufacture.

There is an 80% reduction in rework time for complex multi-port antennas.

85% accuracy of fault location on the first test.

Location test is automatically configured and runs in 2 minutes.


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