PIMForensics infographic

AceAxis has developed PIMForensics utilising PIM over CPRI to address PIM testing in complex multi-band 4G and 5G networks.

For years, the telecoms industry has had good support for PIM test with IEC62037 compliant test solutions using traditional two-tone carrier test methods. Unfortunately, these Field PIM test solutions can only test a single RF band. Also, they require the cell site to be out of service for the test, climb the tower, and disconnect RF cables.

Modern telecoms networks are effected from growing PIM problems due to increased deployments of multiple RF bands, higher system load & ERP power and cross-sector PIM. AceAxis has developed a unique patented technology using PIM over CPRI to address PIM testing in complex networks. In addition, this unique PIM over CPRI solution is entirely passive, frequency agnostic. Additionally, we can measure PIM whilst the cell site is operating with measurements taken from the BBU. (typically located at the tower base, rooftop or BBU hotel).

AceAxis’ PIM over CPRI product can accurately measure and locate PIM in live-cell sites using small portable test equipment (weighing less than one kilogram) that can be left at the cell site for long-term monitoring if needed. We have simplified the test process to ensure that complex test conditions are fast, simple and cost-effective to check. We do this using an intuitive GUI and straightforward instructions. The GUI generates reports that allow the Network Operator to evaluate the true impact of PIM under real traffic conditions. With PIM Detection at its core, PIM Forensics is a software algorithm processing I/Q baseband signals on the front haul interface.

Please contact us at pimforensics@aceaxis.co.uk for more information.