Product Literature

Remote Radio Units (RRU) Brochure

Building on a rich heritage of supplying radios to meet the needs of the communications industry, AceAxis offers development of RRUs configured to meet individual requirements for:

  • Cellular
  • Public safety
  • Industrial
  • Transport
  • Enterprise applications

Advanced Radio Tester (ART) Datasheet

  • Manufacturing test for cellular infrastructure
  • Incorporates all necessary RF and baseband functionality
  • Fast, repeatable and traceable testing
  • Single 1U box
  • Range of supporting software enables rapid integration into the test environment

Power Amplifier Tester (PAT) Datasheet

  • For power amplifier designers, semiconductor vendors and system integrators
  • Validates power amplifier linearity
  • Provides a modulated signal to the amplifier
  • Applies a range of linearisation methods to find optimum DPD parameters
  • Graphical measurements of CCDF, AM-AM and AM-PM distortion
  • Simulated traffic scenarios