European Aviation Network takes off

European Aviation Network takes off

It has been announced this week that the European Aviation Network (EAN) has taken to the skies for the first time. Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom, together with their technology partners Nokia and Thales, have successfully conducted a programme of test flights in the UK and have achieved a live over-the-air connection in Germany.

See the Inmarsat announcement here, and a video about the first test flight here.

The AceAxis remote radio head (RRH) is a key component in the Complementary Ground Component (CGC) terminal, which Thales is developing and manufacturing for use with EAN. Read more in our press release, and in the latest Thales announcement and that of Deutsche Telekom.

The successful test flights represent a major milestone for the world’s first integrated satellite and air-to-ground LTE network for in-flight broadband. EAN is planned to go into service in mid-2017 to provide connectivity for airline passengers, and the construction of the S-band satellite and rollout of approximately 300 LTE sites across Europe is said to be remaining on track.

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