AceAxis announces shipment of 50,000 LTE remote radio heads

HARLOW, UK—15 December 2014 —AceAxis, a leading developer of wireless technology, today announced that it has reached the milestone of having shipped more than 50,000 LTE remote radio heads (RRH).

AceAxis was a pioneer in introducing RRH technology to the telecoms infrastructure industry, and its platform has proven performance and reliability in LTE networks around the world. The use of RRH is a highly-efficient green technology that provides multiple benefits in terms of both saving energy and reducing OPEX and CAPEX. Software-definable RRH can be upgraded remotely, and they provide multimode, multiband and multicarrier capabilities.

“LTE network operators around the world trust our RRHs to give them optimum performance while keeping their energy costs to a minimum,” said Steve Cooper, CEO of AceAxis. “The company has been a leading player in exploiting the remote radio head concept to achieve practical benefits in deployed systems, including innovations such as the world’s first multi-antenna, beamforming-enabled RRH.”

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